Wine as an aperitif

Wine has many tastes and forms. There are special wines that are just perfect as an aperitif. They are the ice wine and the straw wine. Such an aperitif should be served 10–20 minutes before a meal. Wine aperitif in the form of wine stimulates appetite and encourages the correct digestion.

Ice and straw wines are also used for toasts, with desserts, or as a digestif. Both of the types of wine have full-bodied taste and are naturally sweet.

Ice wine

This wine is harvested very late, when the temperature is around −7 °C. The whole making and production process takes place at temperatures below zero, that’s why it is called the ice wine. The production of ice wine is very challenging and expensive, moreover the pressings are significantly lower than with the classical grapes. The result is worth it, though. You may even find organic ice wine, that is produced in a very high quality the winemaker Petr Marcinčák in Mikulov wine region.

winery Marcinčák - ice wine winery Marcinčák - ice wine winery Marcinčák - ice wine

Straw wine

This naturally sweet wine is also produced in a special way. Only healthy grapes are selected which are then left to dry on straw for about 3 months (some winemakers leave it to dry for a considerably longer time). This process produces raisins from which, after the pressing, the winemaker gets very sweet must. It is then left to ferment and, afterwards, the straw wine is created. As with the ice wine, the process is laborious – it is necessary to inspect and to remove rotting grapes every day. Therefore the straw wine is sold in smaller bottles at higher prices.

winery Marcinčák - straw wine winery Marcinčák - straw wine winery Marcinčák - straw wine

Selection of raisins

The extraordinary microclimate of Novosedly’s vineyards influenced by the river Dyje (Thaya) flowing through and by the Pálava lakes, where there is also located the mouth of the river Dyje, brings morning fog and daytime hot sun in autumn, these are the perfect conditions for the formation of the noble rot called Botrytis cinerea. The winemaker Petr Marcinčák, as the first of Novosedly’s winemakers, started making the use of this nature’s gift and had been making botrytic wines since 1999. The noble rot dries out the grapes and thus increases the concentration of sugars and flavourings in them.

Dried out grapes (raisins) are then pressed and provide must of an exceptional quality with higher content of sugars, acids and minerals. These wines are characterized by scents of flowers, honey and candied fruits (apples,pears, apricots, pineapples).

The taste is robust, full-bodied, sophisticated but at the same time brisk, velvety sleek and elegant.

winery Marcinčák - selection of raisins winery Marcinčák - selection of raisins winery Marcinčák - selection of raisins

Use wine as an aperitif, some of the finest ones you can buy in Mikulov at the wine grower Petr Marcinčák who, apart from caring for numerous vineyards, also runs the family-run Hotel Marcinčák.